§ 1.
  1. Any concepts as a sign of their definition in this regulations written in capital letters should be interpreted only as defined in it.
  2. The following concepts should be understood as defined below:
  1. Address of the UAM Foundation -;
  2. Participant's address – User's e-mail address indicated in the Electronic Registration System during Registration;
  3. Personal data – personal data of the Participants collected by the UAM Foundation through the Electronic Registration System;
  4. Electronic Registration System– internet service available as a subpage of the Website, enabling participation of a given Participant in the Conference;
  5. UAM Foundation- foundation operating under the name Fundacja Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza in Poznań with it registered office in Poznań (postal code: 61-612), at ul. Rubież 46, entered under KRS number 0000052045 in the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and independent public healthcare institutions of the National Court Register and in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register, identified by the Tax Identification Number 7810002075;
  6. Conference – conference under the title: The Logic Colloquium 2021, which will take place from 19 to 24 July 2021 as a virtual event;
  7. Regulations – these regulations;
  8. Registration – registration of the Participant's participation in the Conference;
  9. Website– website dedicated to the Conference, available on the Internet at: ;
  10. Participant– a person whose participation in the Conference has been properly reported and paid for.
  1. The titles of the individual editorial units of the Regulations are only for the convenience of using the copy of the Regulations.
§ 2.
  1. The Regulations define in detail the rules related to making the Registration for participation in the Conference.
  2. Registration for participation in the Conference is possible only after prior acceptance of the Regulations.
  3. The UAM Foundation is organizer of the Conference.
  4. The condition of participation in the Conference by a given Participant is correct Registration by the date indicated by the UAM Foundation.
§ 3.
  1. Registration is tantamount to acceptance of the Regulations by the Participant and constitutes the Participant's obligation to comply with it.
  2. Registration of Participants is made only through the Electronic Registration System.
  3. Registration ends on the date indicated on the Website, which means that it is not possible at a later time.
  4. Registration will be confirmed by a message sent to the Participant's Address.
  5. The UAM Foundation may cancel the Registration for a given Participant only with important reasons.
  6. The UAM Foundation will notify the Participant about the cancellation of the Registration concerned by sending a relevant message by e-mail to the Participant's Address.
  7. Cancellation of the Registration by the UAM Foundation in accordance with para. 5 above, may not constitute grounds for any claims against the UAM Foundation.
§ 4.
[Resignation from participation in the Conference]
  1. The participant may resign from participation in the Conference within 14 (say: fourteen) days from the date of receiving the message referred to in § 3 para. 4 of the Regulations.
  2. The declaration of resignation from participation in the Conference should be submitted:
  1. in a written form - by sending it by registered mail to the address of the registered office of the UAM Foundation, or
  2. in an electronic firm - by sending it by e-mail to the UAM Foundation's Address.
  1. The observation of deadline to submit a statement on resignation from participation in the Conference in the case of the declarations referred to in
  1. in para. 2 point a) above – is determined based on the date of correct dispatch of the declaration,
  2. in para. 2 point b) above – based on the date of sending an e-mail to the UAM Foundation's Address in such a way that the UAM Foundation could become familiar with its content (date of appearance of a given message on the receiving server).
§ 5.
[Cancellation of the Conference]
UAM Foundation reserves a right to cancel the Conference in any time due to important reasons.
§ 7.
[Complaint procedure]
  1. Any complaints regarding Registration may be submitted by a Participant,
  1. Complaints must be submitted within 14 (say: fourteen) days from the day of the event which is the basis of the complaint, but no later than 3 (say: three) days before the date of the Conference. The provision of § 4 para. 3 of the Regulations shall apply accordingly.
  2. Complaints should be submitted:
  1. in a written form - by sending them by registered mail to the address of the registered office of the UAM Foundation, or
  2. in an electronic form - by sending them by e-mail to the UAM Foundation's Address.
  1. In the complaint application, regardless of its form, it is necessary to include the following information:
  1. Participant full name,
  2. the reason for submitting a complaint,
  3. detailed description of the complaint event.
  1. To be considered, complaints have to:
  1. be sent in an appropriate manner and in a timely manner, and 
  2. contain all the required information referred to in para. 5 above.
  1. The UAM Foundation recognizes complaints promptly, however not later than within 30 (say: thirty) days from the date of receipt of a proper complaint notification.
  2. The settlement of the complaint application is sent to the Participant's Address.
§ 8.
[Personal data]
  1. The UAM Foundation is the administrator of the Personal Data.
  2. The UAM Foundation processes Personal Data:
  1. in connection with participation of the Participant in the Conference,
  2. on the basis of voluntary consent of the Participant, which is necessary to participate in the Conference,
  3. in accordance with applicable law.
  1. Individual Participants have right to inspect and correct their Personal Data.
§ 9.
[Procedural provisions]
  1. All legal relations to which the Regulations apply are subject to Polish law, with the reservation, however, that the choice of foreign law for the consumer who is their party does not deprive such person of protection resulting from the mandatory provisions of law in the country of his permanent place of residence. 
  2. The Regulations are available on the Website.
  3. The UAM Foundation is entitled to amend the Regulations, but any amendments to the Regulations come into force upon publication on the Website of the consolidated text of the Regulations taking into account the changes.